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I only eat a bowl of rice for a lifetime, only one thing in a hundred years.


The inheritance of Cuizi's 600-year-old is to uphold a kind of dedicated craftsman spirit to make products and become a company, and become the leading position of Cuizi in the industry. Cui Ruifu, the chairman of Ruifu Oil and the 20th generation of Cuizi brand Xiaomo sesame oil, and the inheritor of the provincial intangible cultural heritage, have their own unique views on the spirit of artisans: the spirit of craftsman is a matter of precision and perseverance. It is the spirit of “quality” that strives for excellence and pursues excellence; it is the spirit of “innovation” that constantly innovates and transcends itself.

One of the craftsman's spiritual passwords: a precise, consistent

Located in the exhibition hall of the first small mill sesame oil museum in Ruifu Oil & Fat Co., Ltd., there is such a sentence: "I only eat one bowl of rice in my life, only one thing in one hundred years." If you carefully observe it, this sentence The words appeared in the factory of Ruifu Oil and Oil, and this sentence is the development concept of Cui Zi. The premise of the craftsmanship spirit is in a "special" word. It is based on this cognition that the company adheres to the development philosophy of “only one bowl of rice in a lifetime, only one thing in one hundred years”. It is both inheritance and innovation. On the road of enterprise development, we must implement this concept. indomitable. From the early Ming Dynasty Cui Zeshi invented the small grinding sesame oil to the 19th generation of the great man Cui Xinshan, and then to the 20th generation of the great man Cui Ruifu, for more than 600 years, the Cui family has been eating sesame oil "this bowl of rice", from invention to development and innovation From nothing, from weak to strong, although it has experienced twists and turns, it has never been easier to pass the fire, which reflects a kind of craftsmanship that is "skillful, persevering". "In today's world, the market division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and more and more specialized. Under such a background, if enterprises want to achieve a hundred years of foundation, they must work hard on the word 'special' and concentrate human, material, financial and energy on one. At the point, it’s a matter of fineness and dedication.” Cui Ruifu interprets his development philosophy.


The development concept of Ruifu Oil not only stays on the paper and slogan, but also writes into the ethical charter of the company. It enters the hearts of every employee and integrates into the blood culture of Ruifu Oil Company and becomes a kind of Genes continue to be passed down. "We are dedicated to making small sesame oil!" When the people of Ruifu grease said this, the pride and pride were beyond words. In the eyes of many people, the market economy is to look at money, what to make money, and many companies rely on diversified operations and cross-border development to earn a lot of money. In such a market environment, many people mobilized Chairman Cui Ruifu to take a variety of business paths. Especially after the rise of the real estate industry, some people mobilized him to make great profits in the real estate industry, but Cui Ruifu embraced the "specialized in one industry." The concept of development has always been unmoved, and it is the responsibility and mission of inheriting the sesame oil industry.


Cui Ruifu, a 20th generation descendant, said that he liked the poem "Zhengding Qingshan does not relax" made by Zheng Banqiao in Jixian County. To be a company, to be a product, is to be professional, focused, dedicated, and dedicated. "Do not relax," "Everything is east and west." As long as you hold such an attitude, you will be able to do a good job. Do a good job in the business and do a good job. Simple things are simple, you are experts; simple things are repeated, you are experts; repeated things are done with heart, you are the winner. From this perspective, in China's small sesame oil industry, Ruifu Oil is both an expert, a connoisseur, and a winner. Up to now, Ruifu Oil has established a marketing service network of nearly 30,000 distribution points and agents in more than 70 large and medium-sized cities across the country, forming a marketing structure covering the whole country and providing 24-hour service support, and in Japan, South Korea, Canada, South Africa and other countries and regions have a relatively stable customer resource market, and have become an industry champion in terms of market share and popularity. With the further development of Ruifu's oil development plan, this “sales map” is still expanding. “China Time-honored Brand”, “National Food Quality Reassuring Brand”, “Shandong Famous Trademark”, “Shandong Province Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise”, “Shandong Province Intangible Cultural Heritage”... One honor bears witness to “Cui” The development of the word also explains the strength of the word "Cui". Cui Ruifu said that if it is not "skilled, perseverance", this is impossible for Ruifu Oil today. On the road of future development, Ruifu Oil will continue to be dedicated to the industry as always, and will continue to move forward.


Craftsman's Spiritual Code 2: Excellence, Pursuit of Excellence

"It depends on it, it depends on it; it depends on it, it depends on it; if it is below, there is no income." The core of the spirit of Cui Yin is a "fine" word. Only by setting excellent goals, and in order to achieve this goal, we will be able to achieve good quality by carefully crafting and improving. A bottle of Cui brand small grinding sesame oil, in order to reach the consumer's table, you need to cross three "big barriers" and countless "small gateways", whether it is the selection of sesame raw materials, or the quenching of traditional stone grinding process, Or the watch center's watch, every corner has the "artisan" of Ruifu grease with "ingenuity" in the guard and care. The word "Cui" recognizes "death", and good sesame oil must have good sesame. The premise of Cuizi brand small grinding sesame oil production is to choose good quality sesame seeds. In terms of the purchase of sesame seeds alone, Ruifu oil has strict regulations. From sesame seeding to harvesting, the staff should conduct on-site inspections at least three times: the first time to see the seedlings, the second time to see the growth, and the third time to see the harvest. Just look at the growth, but also look at the height, look at the color, see the detailed requirements of the pod. To this day, Cui Xinshan, the 19th-generation descendant of Cui's brand Xiaomu sesame oil and Cui Ruifu's father, clearly remembers the scene of sitting on his father Cui Shengyang's bicycle to Shouguang to acquire sesame seeds. "When you plant, look at it when you grow the sesame seeds. When you harvest, you have to go see it. When you harvest, you have to go and see the sesame seeds. My father is at least going to see Sancha." Cui Xinshan said that his father recognized "dead." "There is no good sesame. I would rather not make money and do not sell the scented oil of inferior quality. It is because of this "satisfaction" that he achieved the golden character of "Cui Kexiang Oil Mill" in Min County during the Republic of China. sign. Cui Ruifu inherits the ingenuity of his ancestors. With the development of the company, Ruifu Oil has developed many high-quality sesame planting bases throughout the country, and even built the base to Ethiopia, the origin of sesame seeds in Africa. For the choice of the base, Ruifu Oil has almost harsh conditions. The selected area of the base must not only have a warm climate, but also sufficient light and industrial pollution. It is these almost demanding requirements that guarantee the good quality of sesame. What is excellence? After dealing with sesame for a long time, the sesame purchaser of Ruifu Oil has already trained the "eyes of the eye" to identify the pros and cons of sesame. Take a piece of sesame in your hand, take a look at it, and pinch your fingers. The origin, quality, and even oil yield of this sesame seed are already in the chest. For the staff of Ruifu Oil, this reflects It is the craftsmanship spirit of excellence.


 Cui plate small grinding sesame oil sesame planting base

The craftsmanship of Ruifu Oil is also reflected in the inheritance of core skills. "Sesame, screening, rinsing, frying seeds, raising smoke, blowing net, grinding sauce, mixing pulp, stirring oil..." The ancestral small fragrant oil production process, in the modernized production workshop, there is not a small number of processes. Take the "stone grinding" process as an example. Although it is no longer hand-cranked, people pull, but the mechanized rotation is still stone grinding. A large part of the secret of the word "Cui" is hidden in this stone mill. The stone mill is made of materials, and the bluestone of Mount Tai is selected. Taishan bluestone is hard and hard to be confused. It is easy to dissipate heat, and it is also an important reason for Choi's choice of stone grinding. It also reaches 65 degrees, the metal grinding takes only 5 minutes, and the stone grinding made with Taishan bluestone takes 5 hours. Because the stone mill dissipates quickly and the temperature rises slowly, the whole production process is kept below 65 degrees, and the aroma and nutrients of sesame are preserved to the utmost. In the testing process, it also reflects the excellence of Ruifu oil and the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. In Ruifu Grease, there is a special department, that is, the “Fat Detection Center”. This department, which Ruifu Oil invested more than 10 million yuan, is the “central” of the company's quality control. The “artisans” here guard the entire company's “lifeline”. The “Fat Detection Center” is equipped with four detection chambers such as gas phase liquid chamber, physical and chemical analysis room, microbiology room and balance room, and a product quality trace room. It is the first-class grain and oil testing center in China and the most advanced sesame oil and sesame products in China. Engineering Technology Research Center. The center has passed the CNAS laboratory certification and issued a product test report, which has legal effect and is authoritative of official test reports, and is recognized both domestically and internationally.


Ruifu Oil has established and implemented the ISO9001 quality management system, HACCP management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system. Using horizontal comparison method, zero defect management, customer satisfaction survey, internal audit, management review, statistical data analysis, control chart and other measures to improve quality management, the product quality is always in a stable and controllable state. The quality of the word "Cui" can withstand the inspections of law enforcement agencies, and can withstand the nitpicking of consumers and withstand the turmoil. Cui Ziren firmly believes that with the spirit of excellence and the pursuit of excellence, the company will make a future.

Craftsmanship Spirit Code 3: Constant Innovation, Beyond Self

Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress. "Innovation" is also the soul of the craftsman spirit. The road is blue and blue, and the word "Cui" is a road of "continuous innovation, surpassing oneself". More than 2,000 years ago, Zhang Wei sent the Western Region to bring the sesame back to the Central Plains. The small sesame met with the stone mill in the Central Plains. It completed the transformation from sesame to sesame oil, and then interpreted a piece of "Cui Ziyi, a scent of six hundred The legend of the year. Turning sesame into sesame oil is itself the most original innovation of Cui's people. It is impossible to do without an "ingenuity". In the process of enterprise development, the innovation of ideas should be placed first, because only by unifying the thoughts, it is possible to set the course and sail.

In the 1930s, Cui Shengyang, the 18th-generation descendant of Cui Zixiao sesame oil, put forward the business principle of “being good, water must be good, equipment must be clean, scales must be enough”; In the 1980s, Cui Xinshan, the 19th-generation descendant, put forward the business philosophy of "being a person by personality, doing things by friends, and making products by quality". These are the most simple development concepts, inheritance, and innovation. In 1988, when Cui Ruifu took over the enterprise, it coincided with the falsification of the sesame oil market, and he was notorious. He reviewed the market development concept of “there is quality in the market, and integrity has the future”. The words and deeds are consistent, and Li said that the image of Cuijiaxiang Oil has been rebuilt, and Ruifu Oil quickly gained a foothold in the market. When the development took the fast lane and the enterprise appeared the murmur of “multi-industry development”, Cui Ruifu also put forward the development concept of “only one bowl of rice in one life, only one thing in one hundred years”, and clarified the thoughts of employees. It sets the direction of enterprise development. It is the concept innovation that is timely followed up in different historical periods, which makes the ship of Ruifu Grease straight on the road ahead and sailed. This is followed by innovations in technology and equipment. Ruifu Oil is the pioneer of Chinese stone sesame oil, crossing the river by feeling the stones, which means that the crafts and equipment are created by themselves, but all improvements are innovations. Traditional core skills cannot be lost, but traditional techniques and equipment can no longer meet the needs of the market. What should I do? Innovation is the only way out. In the Xiaofu Oil Museum of Ruifu Oil, there is a collection of Chinese paintings called Cui Xiangyou. In the picture, the protagonist Cui Xiangyou, holding the brazing in the left hand, swinging the hammer in the right hand, and the hammer with the heart, the gods follow the brazing, the skillful hands move, the ingenuity, a stone grinding machine used to grind small sesame oil is heavy in his hand. Being reborn... Cui Ruifu said that in the eyes of Cui's people, Cui Xiangyou has become a totem of craftsmanship. A lot of the secrets of Cui Zi were in the grinding, so Cui Ruifu began to mechanize the original stone grinding, all the techniques were overcome by themselves. In the end, Ruifu Oil not only developed a mechanical fossil grinding. A large-scale small sesame oil production stone grinding group has also been built.


Cui plate small milled sesame oil honed tradesman

“Sesame, screening, rinsing, frying seeds, smoking, blowing, grinding, mixing, stirring oil...” The traditional craftsmanship and modern production scenes form a strong hedge. As a provincial intangible cultural heritage, the production process of Cuizi brand small grinding sesame oil “small stone grinding water substitute method” has not changed due to “modernization”. Here, tradition and modernity, heritage and innovation have been blended. Ruifu Oil has continuously strengthened its product design and research and development capabilities, and has achieved fruitful results. In 2013, the two projects of “Development and Application of Large-scale Industrialized Production Integrated Technology for Small Milled Fragrance Oil” and “Research and Application of Vitamin E Sesame Oil-rich Process” were recognized as the first prize of scientific and technological achievements of China National Cereals and Oils Association. Innovation is also the guarantee of craftsmanship. Management is a university question, and we must constantly innovate management concepts. It is based on this understanding that Ruifu Oil is the first in the same industry in the country to introduce the ISO9001 international quality management system, from the raw materials into the company to the production of each step has established a complete operating procedures. In Ruifu Oil, from the selection of sesame seeds, to oil production, to testing and packaging, any work can be followed, which guarantees the standardization of production and the stability of products. Cui Ruifu believes that relying on culture to manage people and relying on system management is the most effective management. With refined management, there is responsibility for products, persistence in work, and respect for careers. The pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. When many companies still hang on to the "service first", Ruifu Oil has already put forward "no complaint is the best service", and in Ruifu Oil, such "service first" has been ideally Into the reality. In the light that shines into reality, it reflects the brilliance of the "artisan spirit"...


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