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Cui-Xiao-Hua-Xiang Xiang 600 years

The small sesame oil is here to be born here, and there is a soil suitable for her rooting and germination. In the six hundred years, the 20th generation watched, passed on, and innovated, sharing the ancient wisdom of the East with the world in the tempering of the years. Today, she owns the world-famous fragrant oil stone grinding group, complete small sesame oil production technology, and adheres to half of the stone grinding application. The multi-channel production process is fully played and interpreted here. She is the leader of small grinding sesame oil, a household name, familiar.

In 1408, Cui Ze's ancestor Cui Zeshi fry the sesame with a wok, grind the sauce with stone grinding, and replace the sesame oil in the sauce with water. This production process is called "water generation method", and the production of Cui brand sesame oil has a long and long scent, and Cui brand small sesame oil comes from this.

Cui zi plate is the old Chinese brand, and the traditional skill of Cui character sesame oil is the intangible cultural heritage of Shandong Province.

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Ruifu Oil Specialized and dedicated, and built the leading brand of China's small sesame oil.

Eat only a bowl of rice for a lifetime, only one thing for a hundred years

For more than 30 years, Ruifu Oil has no ambiguity, and holds the belief that “only one bowl of rice in a lifetime, only one thing in one hundred years”, and researched sesame and sesame oil with one heart and one mind, and developed a variety of products with sesame as the sole raw material. All employees will continue to protect the intellectual property rights of the company's intellectual property rights and nationalities, strictly fulfill their commitment to consumers and society, to achieve better quality, greater output...

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Talent Strategy

The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the improvement of its abilities. According to research and development and production needs, the company has trained a number of national nutritionists.The employees in the production and procurement positions have all passed the quality engineer, and the echelon construction of professional talents such as accountants and human resource managers has been improved day by day.


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