Sister Stone Culture Festival

      In order to commemorate the mountain woman who invented the stone mill (the beautiful woman under the mountain, given her surname Cui), she was honored as "the stone mammy" and became the ancestor of the stone mill. her birthday is on the 10th of the first month. people who open mountains, make mills, use mills, stone carvings, stone carvings and other industries will celebrate her birthday. this is a folk custom handed down from the culture of the Yellow River basin, especially Shandong Confucius and Mencision. Stone mill is the oldest production tool in China. Now other industries are hard to find. Only Cui Zipai Xiaomo sesame oil inherits the tradition in order to inherit the excellent high-end quality. On the tenth day of the first month, Ruifu Grease always sacrifices "Stone Mammy" with a grand ceremony to express the gratitude and worship of generations of inheritors of Cui Zipai Xiaomo sesame oil to the ancestor of Stone Mill invention, and is recorded in the company's history as a traditional Stone Mammy Cultural Festival.

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