Summer solstice to eat cold noodles

Wind pu hunting small ponds, lotus flowers over the rain courtyard fragrance. The wind went south for thousands of miles, and one step more was the summer solstice. From this day on, the crops grew to the extreme, and the cicada in the wheat valley was ringing incessantly. As the saying goes, winter solstice dumplings and summer solstice noodles, the temperature soared and the appetite was high. A bowl of cold noodles that can save the taste buds was also true. In ancient times, cold noodles also had a rather interesting name, Lengtao. "Tang Liu Dian" records: too official order summer for locust leaves cold Tao, where the court will swallow dinner, more than nine products, and for their meals. Du Fu, a great poet, once described how to make cold noodles in his poem: "Green, green, high locust leaves, picking and cleaning to pay for the middle kitchen. New noodles come near the city, and the juice and dregs are all there." After the noodles are cooked, put them in cold water to cool down quickly, match them with cucumber shreds, chicken shreds, carrot shreds, shrimps and other ingredients, pour in cui plate small sesame oil, and finally add cold noodle soul juice. Linoleic acid in sesame oil can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help enhance appetite. This is undoubtedly a good choice for people with poor appetite or indigestion in the summer. The summer solstice may all good things come as scheduled.

cold production process:

1. Noodle making process:

Raw material: flour1000 grams, two eggs and a proper amount of cold boiled water

Beat the eggs into the flour, add water to the dough and mix them evenly, roll them into dough cakes with a rolling pin, and then cut them into noodles for later use.

2. Preparation of auxiliary materials: Chinese toon pickles, coriander and carrot pickles are all cut into powder, garlic is mashed into garlic, cucumber is shredded, tomato and egg soup and warm boiled water are prepared.

3, cui plate small grinding sesame oil, cui plate small grinding sesame paste right amount

Sesame sauce modulation: take the right amount of sesame paste into a bowl, add cold and boiled water (water is twice the amount of sesame paste) and stir well.

4. Cooking noodles: Boil a proper amount of water, add noodles, roll for three rolls, take out noodles, put them into a basin filled with cold boiled water, take them out later, put them into a bowl, add auxiliary materials, and finally add three tablespoons of Cui Zipai small ground sesame oil and three tablespoons of Cui Zipai small ground sesame paste to each bowl of noodles, mix well and eat.

5. Features of cold noodles: fragrant and delicious, fragrant and fragrant, rich in nutrition, suitable for all ages, never tired of eating, easy to digest in summer heat.