Cold noodles with hemp sauce

Eating cold noodles in summer has been recorded in the Tang Dynasty. Shefu has a poem saying: "New noodles come from the city, and the teeth are cold in the snow. The king can enjoy the cool bowl, and the taste is also necessary." According to the "Qing Barnyard Banknotes", there is a way to eat cold noodles: "The rate is boiled in white water, and when the noodles will be added, there will be a few small dishes that are unfamiliar. Chen Yu Ji, and the noodles are horse. It means the guide of the former horse. Add noodles and add seasoning to the noodles." The so-called "noodle code" is also called "vegetable code". Weifang's hemp juice noodle code includes hemp juice, vinegar, mashed garlic, pickled toon bud powder, carrot shreds, cucumber shreds, etc.


Main ingredients:

Noodles, sesame paste, sesame oil, cucumber, carrot, salty toon, leek, shrimp skin.


Production method:

1. Cut carrots and cucumbers into shreds, cut leeks and chop salty toon for later use.
2. Add sesame oil to sesame paste and dilute for later use.
3. Pour boiled water into a large bowl, add shrimps and leeks for later use.
4. Boil the noodles in boiling water and put them in a cold and white medium to cool them.
5. Put the noodles into a bowl, add shrimp skin water, sesame paste, cucumber shreds, carrot shreds and salted toon shreds in turn, and mix them all, then eat.

Cold noodles with hemp sauce
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