Ruifu Sesame Oil Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. It is a time-honored brand in China and is committed to developing the sesame industry, specializing in producing Cui Brand Sesame Oil, sesame paste, and sesame products. It is a national demonstration grain and oil processing enterprise, a food safety guarantee enterprise of Qingdao SCO Summit, a national high-tech enterprise, and a participating unit in formulating sesame oil and sesame standards. 
Ruifu has passed ISO9001, HACCP, ISO14001, ISO45001, green food certification, Halal certification, and KOSHER certification. 
The traditional craftsmanship of Cui Brand Sesame Oil has a history of over 600 years, representing a renowned brand in China. Cui Brand Sesame Oil has been honored as "China's Excellent Grain and Oil" and was among the first listed in the "Good Products of Shandong" directory. Cui Brand Sesame Oil extracts the essence of high-quality sesame, combining rich aroma and nutritional benefits. Its rich, pure, and crystal clear flavor makes it highly favored and well-reviewed by consumers for its excellent color, fragrance, and taste. 
Adhering to the traditional technique of water-driven production, Cui Brand Sesame Oil upholds the ancestral motto of "the best ingredients, good water, clean utensils, and sufficient scales." With a craftsman spirit of "One thing for life", the company follows the business philosophy of "quality ensures market, integrity ensures the future." While preserving traditional craftsmanship, the “Cui” brand actively engages in innovative development. The company has extensively researched large-scale industrial production techniques for grinding sesame oil, optimizing production equipment and process conditions. This has led to the standardized and scaled production of high-quality grinding sesame oil. “Cui” brand has also participated in the formulation of national standards for "sesame oil," group standards for "Shandong grinding sesame oil," and industry standards such as the "water-driven method for sesame oil production procedures." It has played a good demonstration role in producing high-quality sesame oil. It is of great significance to promote the technological development and industrial upgrading of the sesame oil industry. 
After years of development, Ruifu Sesame Oil Co., Ltd. has formed a marketing service network in more than 70 large and medium-sized cities, nearly 30,000 distribution outlets and agents in China, and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, and Russia. The company has established an expert sales team that integrates marketing and family dietary nutrition services, providing all-day services to a wide range of consumers. 
Over the years, Ruifu Sesame Oil Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research of sesame seeds and sesame oil, and has developed a variety of products with sesame seeds as the sole ingredient with the belief of "One thing for life". All employees will continue to protect the company's intellectual property and national intellectual property, strictly fulfill commitments to consumers and society, and wholeheartedly create fragrance, nutrition, and health for consumers with high-end products, high quality, and premium services! 


Company NameRuifu Sesame Oil Co., Ltd. 
Unified Social Credit Identifier91370700706340496N
AddressNo.8999, Dongfeng West Street, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Scope of BusinessEdible oils, fats and oils, and their products, seasonings, fried foods, and nut products 
Registered capitalRMB180,880,000 
Legal representativeCui Ruifu
Date of Establishment1932
Incorporated on8 June 1984


Company Panorama

Stone grinding workshop

Pier Oil Workshop