Sesame Purple Sweet Potato Ball

Sesame purple potato ball is a popular snack, which is sold a lot on the market. This dessert is also very simple. If you like to do it, you can operate it yourself. Pregnant women can also eat it. It is nutritious and can satisfy your taste buds.


Main ingredients:

Purple sweet potato 300g, glutinous rice flour 350g white
Sugar 20 grams, condensed milk right amount
Appropriate amount of black sesame


Production method:

Wash sweet potatoes and purple potatoes, cut into pieces and steam them in a pot, peel them after steaming, press them into mud with a spoon, add sugar, condensed milk, and glutinous rice flour, and knead them into a dough with moderate hardness.
Take a purple sweet potato dough and knead it into the black sesame seeds so that the surface is evenly wrapped with a layer of black sesame seeds.
Pour oil into the pan, the oil temperature is 40% to 50% hot, put purple sweet potato balls against the edge of the pan, fry the purple sweet potato sesame balls with low fire, and the oil can be controlled and taken out.

Sesame Purple Sweet Potato Ball
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