Black Sesame Pills

This summer, my favorite snack is black sesame balls. The taste made by myself at home is better than the big brands I have eaten!
The ingredients you make are pure: black sesame, black beans, black rice, black wolfberry, honey, sesame oil. After eating one, you can't stop. The taste is really good.
Office colleagues eat decisively abandoned in the market to buy black sesame pills, is really "no comparison, no harm"!


Production of ingredients:

cooked black sesame 800g
Sesame oil 40 grams, honey 500 grams
100 grams of walnuts, 100 grams of black beans
100 grams of black rice and 50 grams of dried Lycium ruthenicum


Production method:

The first step is to peel and roast walnuts, wash red dates and cut them into pieces.
The second step is to stir-fry black beans, black rice, walnuts, red dates and dried black wolfberry together, cool them, beat them into powder and put them into a basin.
The third step is to add sesame oil, mix honey evenly, rub into about 10 grams of a ball, into the black sesame wrapped in a layer of black sesame can be eaten.
Step 4: The rest of the bottled and sealed package comes in one piece every day, keeping in good health and growing hair, healthy and nutritious, delicate and sweet, delicious and suitable for black sesame.

Black Sesame Pills
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