Sharing Japan's International Foreign Food Industry Exhibition Feast

Japan has traditionally been a major net importer of basic food in the world, with the vast majority of imported food ingredients through trading companies.

into Japan. The retail market consists of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and specialty stores, including food, beverages and general merchandise.

Sales amount to $500 billion per year. According to statistics, the average annual food expenditure per person in Japan is about 3000 US dollars, which is higher than that of Britain and the United States.

That's a lot more than $2000 per person per year. The annual turnover of Japanese foreign food enterprises is 28.29 trillion yen, with an average growth rate of 1.88 per cent in the past five years,

9 trillion yen higher than retail department stores. As Japanese society is about to usher in unprecedented changes, further stimulating the demand of the Japanese catering industry,

Foreign food industry development prospects are immeasurable.